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What makes Oilex the Best Petrol Pump Software of India?

Evolution of software has changed the way, business and daily works are done. Different software has been helping various industries to get success in the market and also attracting a large number of customers. The software has been replacing manual labor everywhere and thus; business owners save lots and lots of money.


One sector that requires lots of manual work is the petrol industry. Even Here, very some business-specific Petrol Pump Software has made a lot of difference. The account and stock management in the petrol pumps should be done with great care. A slight error in the whole process can result in a huge loss. Keeping in mind the consequences faced due to the manual work, the petrol pump software is a boon to this industry.


Ensuring effective accounts management and keeping an eye on the stocks has become easier than before. Oilex is created to handle a wide range of activities within a short period of time.


Here are the advantages that make Oilex the best Petrol Pump Software in India.

MMI Oilex Petrol Pump Software is equipped with a core understanding of specific requirements by Petrol Pump Management:


Helps In both Cash & Credit Billing:

Oilex works as the core Petrol Pump Accounting Software and helps the users to keep in an account of the bills and manage the accounts as well. If someone were to perform these programs manually, errors may happen that may lead to a huge loss.

With the effectiveness of this software, one can have control over everything. It has a strong configuration that helps the users to do the task according to their requirements. It is very useful as it will give the exact result within a short period of time to calculate the online payment, cash & credit Billing.


Integration of Accountancy & Inventory with GST:

The tools integrated into the Oilex help the users to have control over the inventory and help them to maintain the liquid stock at the pump. This Petrol Pump Billing Software facilitates various applications includes Dip stock, inspection report, stock evaluation, density, stock ledger, making reports and also giving the stock summary.  Here, It comes with proper integration of Accountancy & Inventory with GST to ensure you’re able to keep up with new taxing laws.


Managing Business Specific requirements:

Among all the functions done by Oilex, sales management is one of the useful advantages offered. It has a well-organized credit management system that offers payment bills to the customers.

Your Oilex ERP software should be able to tackle those needs accordingly so that your management can provide the best business experience possible for you and your Customers.

Moreover, I ensure to keep a copy of all the business specific important data onto either the cloud, Software, or to both just to ensure that if any data theft or crash was to happen, I will know that my data is safe. Your Petrol Pump ERP should provide data back-up feature.


Consider Business Chain and Sizes with Mobile App

Oilex mobile app is an option to play a premium factor to the larger petrol pump chain to manage their larger pools of data with a large staff and an even larger sale/purchase body. The use of this Petrol pump Mobile App happens with the consideration of the number of petrol pumps you are managing effectively or not, since the type of fuel station you running will play a large factor in the size of the Billings and Management Metrics.


If you are interested in a Petrol Pump Software that takes care of each and everything, starting from the Accounting, Management, Billing and Oilex Mobile App, consider talking to an expert from MMI. They have been in business for 20+ years.


Get in touch with MMI for answers to your questions. 

By MMI Softwares  |  03-03-2020  |  Blog  |  Comments Off

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