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How is the growth of school directly proportional to the growth of a student?

Education is a tricky line unless handled with utmost care. Educationalists, schools, management, parents, teachers, and even students are looking for a perfect full proof solution to make education meaningful. As luck would have it, there is a void in this aspect, especially cut out for Indian scenario. MM Software India (MMI), based in Mathura, did ponder deliberately to arrive at a most comprehensive and integrated solution to fill the void.

And we at MMI are proud to come out with the optimum solution by way of School ERP Software. Several educational institutions have chosen the unique product and found the usefulness much beyond their imagination. And naturally, many are in the process of implementing the same. Yes, we are in IT.


This School Software can practically handle all activities right from attendances, syllabus, progress reports, model question paper, holidays, special announcements, competitive examinations, warnings, transport facilities, competitions, and much more.

A few of the salient features of this novel ERP solution meant for Indian Schools are as follows.

1. Comprehensive to the core
We did burn a lot of midnight oil in creating this school software to make it very comprehensive. With maximum productivity for the users in mind, we incorporated many functions seamlessly; in other words, you have an ERP solution that can cater to almost most of the needs in the future as well.


2. Flexibility at the heart
The product is adaptable for all small and medium to large institutions. Deploying the state of the art cloud storage system assures you the best support whenever you need. The user, teacher management parent, or student can get the information at their fingertips. An added advantage is that the ERP solution is tamper-proof which, when translated, means safe.


3. Futuristic solution all the way
The communication possible by using this solution is futuristic in all aspects with the help of MMI School Mobile Application. This School mobile app have Multilingual applications, adaptability to small screens to big screens are the critical advantages without compromising on the behavioral pattern. Even you can customize your applications and do histogram analysis.  


4. The software is ready even before you are
No particular skill is called for in operating this ERP solution. And no curing time or uploading time required once you have the software installed before using it. You can even have a centralized as well as local usage pattern without any hassle whatsoever. Yes, it is designed with you in mind.


5. Scalability is inbuilt
Our ERP solution is appreciated and followed by many. We will be with you as you grow. We shall sort out all teething problem and even help you to customize or scale up the application whenever you need. The spectrum of activity this software can give you is far fetched. But still, we are open to your suggestions for any improvement.


All these are done without compromising the privacy of users by creating an individual log in details. This School Management Software is safeguarding of personal data is strengthened by the incorporation of RFID (Radio-frequency Identification system) and GPS as well. Besides automatic SMS or Email, forwarding is incorporated in the system.

What more can you ask for?
In short, With so many of these benefits and advantages of a School Management Software, it is a perfect opportunity for all school owners, management, and staff to be a smart school.

By MMI Softwares  |  04-02-2020  |  Blog  |  Comments Off

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