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ICICI Connected Banking is an initiative of ICICI Bank that allows secure and seamless integration of ICICI core banking functions with MMI ERP Solutions.

By integrating MMI ERP Solutions with ICICI bank current account, a range of core accounting functions like bank account reconciliation, NEFT/RTGS/IMPS payments and account balance checks can be made more easy, automated and secure.

Benefits For ICICI Bank Customers

Maximised Data Accuracy & Saves Redudency

Effortless Registration &

Safe & Secure Workflow authorised by Bank

Quick Balance Enquiry & A/C Statement

Seamless Auto Bank A/C Reconciliation

Integration Guide


  • 1. You need to own associate Current / Corporate ICICI Bank account with fund transiction facility enabled. Just in case you do not have it, you have to contact ICICI Bank Branch to get enable your Account.
  • 2. If you do not have associate degree existing ICICI checking account you'll request for brand Corporate new lifespan ZERO balance Current Account through our Jwelly ERP. (T&C apply).
  • 3. You should even have your ICICI Bank credentials of CIB login with you.
  • 4. You are authorized to perform registration through Jwelly ERP effortlessly.

Registration process

If you face any problem during the registration process, you can Contact MMI Support helpline at 0565-7153300 or ICICI Bank on +91 8263905906

Step 1: Navigate to Feeding - ICICI Banking tab and select 'Main Menu'.

Step 2: Click on 'Registration' button to register a new bank account. Select the ICICI Bank account you want to register from the given list. Account list will get automatically updated from the Maintain - Account - Add/modify - Net Banking selection option on Account Info form which You use with ICICI Net Banking.

In case you want to register a new account with the same Corp-ID/User-ID, you can use the link account button to select the appropriate Corp-ID/User-ID and then click on Save.

Step 3: Enter your ICICI Bank Corporate internet banking CORPID/Client ID as provided by ICICI Bank.

Step 4: Enter your ICICI Bank Corporate internet banking USER ID as provided by ICICI Bank. Note (you may recover the user ID/Corp ID by going to ICICI Bank CIB website)

Step 5: Only, the users who have the registered system or connected with registered system will be permitted to initiate payments.

Step 6:After you have verified all the details, you have to click 'Agree to Terms and Conditions' and click on 'Save and Register'.

Step 7: In order to complete the process, you have to login to your ICICI Bank internet banking website and navigate to pending on me > connected banking approval > MMSOFT > Approve > confirm.

Step 8: After confirming, you have to wait for 10 Minutes to make online payment, balance enquiry, bank reconcilation, statement of account etc within Jwelly. You can check your registration approval status by clicking on 'Registration Status' on right-hand side buttons of registration window.

Offer for ICICI Bank Customer

For Every New Software Installation of MMI ERP by ICICI Bank Customers 10% Discount will be Provided by MMI

ICICI bank Integrated with MMI Softwares

ICICI Bank is the 2nd largest bank in India in terms of market capitalisation and assets. The bank currently has a network of 4867 branches and 14367 ATMs across India and has a presence in 17 countries including India. It offers a wide range of financial services for corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels in the areas of investment banking, inventure capital, and asset management.

MMI brings revolution to Accountancy to provide Integrated Net Banking with ERP. With connected ICICI Banking explore benefits in banking integration like maximised Bank Balance & A/c Statement on single click, Safe & Secure Workflow authorised by Bank, Books Always Matched with Bank, Effortless Auto Banking, Customers can avail ongoing Offers.